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  1. Staycation
    In the wake of the financial crisis, there was a wave of high profile media reports about 'staycations', that is 'vacations where you stay in the UK'. The assumption was that people would take their holidays in the UK with the aim of saving money on everything from travel insurance to transport... read more >

  2. The best child-friendly London attractions
    City breaks aren’t the most obvious family holidays. Focusing on museums, galleries, bars, restaurants, clubs, shops, luxury hotels and theatre shows has given cities an unfair rep as adult-centric holiday destinations. This is especially so when compared to say a beach break or a trip to Disney World, which is so synonymous with families, you sometimes forget adults enjoy it too. ... read more >

  3. Mayfair's best hotels
    Everyone lusted after purple sites on the Monopoly board and people dream of living in Mayfair to this day. The most expensive property on the game board is also one of the most expensive real estate areas in the entire world. This slice of London, from Hyde Park to Regent Street, Oxford Street to Piccadilly contains London’s most exclusive properties... read more >

"I travel regularly on business and the serviced apartment was so much better than the constraints of a normal hotel.. I will definately stay again."

- Indie Neal, Manchester

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