The best child-friendly London attractions

City breaks aren’t the most obvious family holidays. Focusing on museums, galleries, bars, restaurants, clubs, shops, luxury hotels and theatre shows has given cities an unfair rep as adult-centric holiday destinations. This is especially so when compared to say a beach break or a trip to Disney World, which is so synonymous with families, you sometimes forget adults enjoy it too. 

London, being one of the world’s global cities, a powerhouse of finance, a leader in the arts and one of the fashion industry’s greatest innovators doesn’t instantly scream: family friendly. But on further exploration, you will actually be surprised at just how much London has to offer your little ones. So without further ado, here are London’s best family sites and attractions. 


Packed into a small pocket of central London is one of the world’s greatest theatre districts. The Covent Garden area is home 10 theatres and just a 10-minute walk away, Shaftsbury Avenue has another seven or so. This high concentration of theatres means there is great competition in pricing, which helps to keep prices, especially for matinee performances, at a fairly reasonable level. 

There are dozens of child-friendly performances currently playing in London’s theatres, including Shrek, Matilda, The Wizard of Oz, The Lion King and Billy Elliot. Book tickets in advance online for the best prices and seat options. 


Being such a large and densely populated city means London isn’t exactly the most hospitable place for animals to set up home, however, help is on hand. London Zoo in Regent’s Park is the oldest scientific zoo in the world, opened way back in 1828. It focuses heavily on research and boasts one of the largest collections of animals in the entire country. London Zoo also opened the first children’s zoo in 1938 and has been leading the way ever since, with child-friendly information and animal interaction sessions. 

Beside the River Thames is a fitting location for the Sea Life London Aquarium. The aquarium is huge, boasting hundreds of species and focuses on breeding programmes and rare species.


London has been the set of many films, from Bednobs and Broomsticks way back in 1971 to Harry Potter in 2011. From 31 March 2012, the Warner Bros. Studio just outside London will open its doors to Harry Potter lovers. A behind-the-scenes Studio Tour will showcase costumes, props and sets from the Harry Potter movie series as well as showing visitors exactly what kind of talent and artistry goes into making the films. 

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